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Please Tell My Story.Com is dedicated to the families and individuals that want a public presence where they can share their story - and by story - we're talking about the many hundreds of thousands of individuals in America that have fallen victim to our criminal justice system.

Since the mid 1980's we have seen an inordinate increase in the number of people locked up with minimum / mandatory sentences, or sentences that are simply not appropriate understanding the entirety of the case.

Our objective is to provide you the means of publishing your information so that it is easily accessible to anyone else that could benefit from your story. Conversely, you may find resources here from someone else's story that could help you or your family member.

Once you have registered and confirmed your account, you'll find a submission page. Here you can submit inquiries, contact our support personnel, and begin to submit your documentation. We take the documentation in Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, and PDF format and we'll build a publication library that will contain all of your information.

Our portal has the ability to index the content you submit and we ensure that this content is easily found in search engines like Google, Webcrawler, MSN and many others. So when someone is searching for content that is found in your story - your story will be presented.

Help us get the word out - we need fair sentencing laws allowed back in this country; Judges need their elected authority to discern and judge every case on its merits; finally, each case should be reviewed in detail - and not handled as just another statistic or number that has become mixed up in our criminal justice system.

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